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We are always looking for new content to add to the site and will host and post mixes for DJs & MC’s.

We now have a file drop where you can upload your files to one of our servers for us to access and potentially upload to the website. All sets we would ideally require a tracklist and list of any djs and mcs on the audio. Once recieved if they are chosen to be uploaded to the website they will be added to one of the existing collections and then uploaded to the website and then shared around the internet for you

Fild Drop Link:

Requirements for Mixes:

  1. Must be 320k mp3 or wav

2. If digital cannot use any mp3s under 320k or the quality will be bad (no youtube rips!)

3. Also upload a text file or word doc with the tracklist and any soundcloud links you have

4. Event Audio Uploads – Upload any event audio you have which you wish to share, this does not require track lists and quality can vary (especially for older stuff)

Make a new folder for the mix or mixes – so you can upload any additional files into the same folder (eg mp3/wav, then tracklist and soundcloud link file etc). This will also stop your files getting mixed up with anyone else using the file drop link.

Upload files on that link and also include a tracklist (its our intention that every mix has a full tracklist so we can make covers and details of the sets and give the producers credits also) and if you have any soundcloud or other links send them over also for us to share with the upload to help get your pages noticed.

Tracklists can also be sent through facebook messenger to Robert Kerr or you can put them in a word file or text file and name the file same as your mix file and upload them on the link, probably also a good idea to send me a message on there to give me a heads up that you have uploaded content to the website.

Facebook group page: