HELTER SKELER CLASSICS VOL. 3 BY DJ DODGER – happy hardcore classics


Sound Assassin’s – Like A Prayer,
Voodoo Posse – Love Is (Fade & Bananaman Remix),
Brisk & Vinylgroover – Don’t Give A Damn,
Brisk – Set Free,
Joining Of The Clans – Braveheart,
Scott Brown – Healing Mind,
Fabulous Faber – Better Day (Brisk Mix),
Dougal & DNA – Tranquility,
Dougal & DNA – Tears In Your Eyes,
Bang – Hyperspace (Briskys Banging Mix),
DNA, Swift & Freefall – Elevation,
Ham – Is There Anybody Out There (Slipmat & Ham Remix),
Force & Styles – Field Of Dreams

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