Da Tekno Warriors – He Is My DJ,
Da Tekno Warriors Feat. DJ Bam Bam – Pump Up Da Bass,
DJ Paul & Attic & Stylzz – Aah!! (Newstyle Remix),
Da Tekno Warriors – Da Beat,
Pulsation – Jump-A-Round,
Pride Feat. Maurizzio – Turn It Up,
Mark V. & Poogie Bear & Da Warrior – Your Mind,
Da Tekno Warriors – Da Game,
Da Tekno Warriors – Are You Serious,
Da Warrior – Turntable Psycho (Tekno Warrior Mix),
TS Mason – Eject (D.R.),
Mark V. & Poogie Bear & Da Warrior – Put Ya Hands Up,
Da Warrior – Put Da Needle On Da Record,
Da Tekno Warriors – Da Pump (Oldschool Mix),
DJ Paul & Teenage Warning – If The Kids Are United (DJ Isaac Mix)

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